Dear  Leader, Yes Especially YOU, in positions of great power and global influence!

I am so glad to see you succeeding and rising up to the heights in the world.  However, I am here to deliver a message to you.  Unless you have everyone’s best interests at heart, not just your own or your Share Holders, the world is going to come for you.

It is no accident that you are one of those at the thrilling helm of our global economy and governance. You have the skills, the smarts and the creative courage to be exactly where you are.  It is also no accident that you are leading in a time of instant and utterly complete transparency.  Everyone in the world is watching you by video and on social media.  And everyone is responding with either a yea or nay for you with the power of their voices, their dollars, their choices, and their votes.

When you are on the top of your game and the ground beneath you starts to rumble and, more quickly than you could ever imagine, gives way to a full blown landslide it is me, LIFE coming to give you a wake up call.  Every action creates a reaction and yours are bringing to you, like it or not, a very potent and real message.  Change or move over, someone is ready to take your place.  Someone with their pulse on the people,  in tune with their sentiments and values, someone with the heart and courage to serve in ways that are instinctively recognized as equitable, authentic, respectful and even generous of spirit.

Even as we have watched the rise to presidential power, a man with very old school values of free enterprise, survival of the fittest and brash arrogant demeanor, I would suggest to you that this  model of leadership is on its way out.  The world, and especially the young people, are ready for and insisting in leadership that is trustworthy, heart centered and demonstrating that all lives matter.  The business of doing business is now governed by the masses as much if not more so than the boardroom.

So “what is involved in this so called Wake Up Call?” you ask.

Oh not much, Just a complete over haul of your personal and professional life. 🙂

To begin with, it is time to take an honest inventory of your core values, your belief systems and want drives you.   Second, answer a few VERY important questions:

* Who are you?

*What is a purpose worthy of who you are?

*How can you bring the best of who you are to what you do?

*What are your clients, customers, stockholders, colleagues saying about you?

*Would you be willing to ask them to tell you directly how you can be a better leader for them?

Then you will need to seek out someone you trust, someone who is modeling the practices and way of being that you want to emulate. Someone you can learn to let your guard down with and dig deep to find the authentic human being that you are.  Someone who can give you the practices and skill sets for aligning with that authenticity every day. Someone who can help you access the purpose that lights you up and evokes a “YES! this is who I am and this is what I am called to be and do as a leader!! ”  Someone who can teach you how to communicate with true listening and empathic responding. Someone who can show you how to  inspire and empower the most important resources at your disposal – your employees!  Someone who can help keep you centered and resilient with your pulse on not only your bottom line but the needs and values of your customers and the global community.

Are you ready?  I hope so.  You are in a position to make such a difference in this world and I am cheering for you.




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