New Moon and Giving Tuesday

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Graceful Living Coaching, Classes & Retreats

The New Moon is traditionally the time for planting seeds for what it is we wish to manifest. Whether it be a more abundant harvest in the garden of our own lives, a richer connection with spirit to fill our soul with joy and meaning, or calling forth a new consciousness of harmony, wholeness and peace for our world at this crucial time, this is a potent day for deep listening within and sending our deepest heart’s desires and intentions into the fertile void. We truly are Creator Gods and it is up to us to learn how to master this extraordinary gift and power: To create, first with our own vibration, (being on an energy level that which we want to attract into our lives) and second with our visions, knowings, and convictions of how we want our personal lives, our relationships and our world to BE.

In the world of commerce, this is know as Giving Tuesday, a wonderful addition to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. A day of giving donations to our favorite causes, offering services and acts of generosity in our communities.

So on this auspicious day I am offering:
Three Touch of Grace Sessions for half price. ( new clients, schedule one or all three)

One, 10 hour Graceful Living Mentoring Series for half price.

Go to the Counseling tab for details about the sessions and contact me for price information and scheduling. First come, first Served☺

May you be filled with joy and abundant blessings, Love Grace


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