Orcas Island Retreat Opportunities June 2016

The sweet serenity of Orcas Island is available again this June for your own custom designed retreat. Spend your mornings doing yoga and meditation, Touch of Grace integration breathing practices, exploring breakthroughs and re building clarity and purpose for your life.  Afternoons are for rest, optional massages, outdoor activities like hiking or kayaking and quiet time in nature.  Let the beautiful healing waters and soft gentle landscape of the island hold you and fill you with nourishment.

Come alone or bring a friend, colleague or loved one.  The cabin is simple and peaceful, surrounded by water and a short walk from the renowned Doe Bay Resort.

The cabin is available from June 17 through the 23rd.  A minimum of two full days plus travel time is recommended;  three is better and a full week will give you the time to deeply decompress and re align with your calm, clear focused self, returning home with new inspiration and energy for your life.

Call for more information.   808 212 8694DB2



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