The practice of Self LOVE is a life long dedication to ensuring that YOU are honored as the most important person in your life. WHY? Because absolutely everything else depends on and is a reflection of our relationship with ourself.

It is confounding to me that we even need to make such a statement!

I seem to have memories of a time and place where it was natural automatic, powerful and profound to have an active relationship of connection with myself and my Source. The love of those inner connections is still very palpable to me, yet like most of us here on our sweet earth at this time, there is a need to re activate the flow on a regular basis.


The only answer I know is that we have chosen to be here while our planet and her people are waking up and returning to the state of constant connection.
And we are paving the way for the blessed souls who are now arriving with their light shining bright and their bonds of belonging unbroken. As challenging as it is to be one who has walked in two worlds simultaneously, the world of grace and the world of disconnect, it all feels worth it when I behold one of these children of the light or sit with one of my peers as you return to your brilliance. These moments bring instant tears to my eyes and joy to my heart.
For those of you who are part of the “two worlds walking” tribe… profoundly sensitive hearts and souls yet stumbling at times and struggling to cope at this time of increased distress on earth… I reach out my hand and invite you to come. It is my honor to support you, to help you remember who you are, and remind you of the simple, powerful practices that can help you melt back into your magnificent peace and purpose. I offer my love and assurance that GRACE is with you, always.
And children of the light, I also reach out my hand to YOU. I am dedicated to supporting you in sharing all you brought with you. Our world needs you and I will do everything I can to help you trust in the power and magic you hold.
May love reign!!


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