Touch of Grace Video

Here is a short and sweet introduction to my work with a special focus on my core practice, Touch of Grace.  Thank you to Ohana Films on Maui (  for a superb, creative project so well done.

7 responses to “Touch of Grace Video”

  1. Wow! That turned out Beautiful Grace…you looked beautiful & joyful.;)) I liked the way you presented this piece & the surroundings are presented gorgeously!!;)) Great job putting it all together!!;)

    How are you? Did you leave me flowers & a lei? If so thank you soooo much… I love them!

    Sending you Buddha blessings w/Love Gaylynn

    Sent from my iPad

    • HI Dear Laurie
      What a treasure you are to me… my life long witness and companion on the path of life that is all about loving kindness…thanks for stopping by and watching my video.

  2. Fabulous! You and Darlene and God did an incredible job presenting the essence of your work! It is truly Divinely orchestrated…

  3. Very soothing, loving and peaceful. Just watched ‘Touch of Grace’ two times and your Three Breaths video and I feel so relaxed and centered and full. I so enjoy sharing this life journey with you, beautiful Grace. What a loving gift you are in my life and for the world. Wonderful presentations.

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