Mindfulness at Work

Did you know that many successful businesses are run by people who meditate?   Just to name a few… Ford Motor Company, Reading is Fun, Zappos, Google, Apple, and even the Pentagon.

There are hundreds of both private and public sector organizations that have realized that the inner sciences of mindfulness, body-mind balance,  possibility thinking and appreciative inquiry, deep presence and listening, and co operative relationship skills make a powerful contribution to  the outer success and effectiveness of their company’s goals and bottom lines, not to mention workforce wellness and employee satisfaction.

In a recent interview, Jack Canfield, the super successful author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book franchaise and success coach, said:  “If someone were to ask me, what’s a really good business tool, I would say, meditation.  It taps you into your own creativity, it makes you sensitive to the marketplace, to your employees and helps you build a more creative and harmonic workplace”

(interview with Lilou Mace, http://www.juicylivingtour.com)

If you as a business leader, or employee would like to learn how to use mindfulness and other mind body wellness tools to enhance your work effectiveness, fulfillment and work life balance please contact me.   I have been teaching and facilitating leadership from the inside out for over twenty years.  Please refer to my page on Leadership for more information and to see my four part model for workplace well being.

Wishing you deep fulfillment in your calling as a leader and peace, focus and resiliency in the work you do each day.


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