The Three Pillars of Conscious Relationships

I just returned from a wonderful visit to family and friends on the mainland.  It was a time of shining ease and flow in my connections.. a peak experience for me as a Relationship Coach and Mentor and the result of many years and even decades of healing, releasing and rebuilding connection both on the inner levels and with others.

One of the hightlights of my trip was the opportunity to be the guest speaker at my friend’s Unity Church.  As Love and Grace are the foundations of my life path, I chose to speak about Mastering the Art of Loving.   The title of my talk was The Three Pillars of Conscious Relationship.   I had some imagining that perhaps this was not a very exciting or “cutting edge” topic yet chose to follow my instincts and was gratified to feel, see and sense that the message of loving well, both with others and in our relationship with ourself and our source is as relavant and universal as ever.

It is pretty clear to most of us that our journey to life on earth is about loving and being loved.  We all want these two, enriching experiences and have, by now, likely read volumes on how love works and how to succeed at it.  Yet it s seems that the great challenge of most of our lives is still to truly be masterful in the Art of Loving and Successful Relationships.

Whether it be for our personal, intimate relationship, the well being of our family connections, our career network, or a sense of belonging in the world wide community, relating with others in deeply satisfying and fulfilling ways is what makes our world go round.  How we relate to ourself and how we connect with our Source are the building blocks of that success and fulfillment.  It is my observation that most of our attention goes into trying to receive the fulfillment of love and acknowledgement from others and yet the investment we make in having a vibrant, healthy loving relationship with ourself and a deeply anchored connection with our Source is not as great.

The power of the ego and it’s limiting beliefs and voices of “shoulds, “oughts”, as well as hidden inherited patterns and collective unconscious programming of how we relate can over ride even the best of intentions to excel in our communications and connections with others and even our self.

What difference would it make to your loving connections if you were profoundly connected with your Source on a daily basis AND also had a caring, compassionate well wisher and champion in your corner guiding you, encouraging you and soothing you in your moments of confusion, doubt and distress?  How much more intuitively connected and present could you be to those you care about if your inner world were already filled with self appreciation and a steadfast sense of being connected in a field of oneness?

I am inspired to offer an on line free introductory talk and three part class on the Pillars of Conscious Relationship.  Please see the post ON LINE CLASS for details on how you can join us in this inspiring and ever current call to loving ourselves and being aligned with the Source of Love itself!!!

blessings,  Grace


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