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Often the pressures of leadership and executive work leave little time and energy for personal reflection, balance and inner development, yet there is no other position where the practices of conscious awareness, visionary guidance and truly, heart centered relationship are more important.   Whether you are an entrepreneur, large or small business executive or even a parent or community organization leader, your influence on others and power to make a significant impact on your world is also a call to care for yourself and be the most authentic, inspired, inwardly connected person you can be.

A series of coaching sessions can be the key to creating a shift in perspective and a breakthrough at a pivotal time in your career path. Simple yet profoundly, powerful mindfulness, heart coherence and compassion building practices are now considered essential for anyone in a leadership position.

Do you have your toolkit of mindfulness (centering, calming, and re-balancing) practices sharpened and actively in use EVERY DAY? If there were only one offering of  encouragement I could offer you it would be this.  Make a non-negotiable commitment to take five to fifteen minutes every day to stop, breathe, calm your mind and your nervous system, attend to your feelings and listen for the quiet impulse of wisdom within.  I promise you that it will change your life and your call to leadership.

A second offering,  once you have tasted the elixir of leading from your calm, inspired center, make it a top priority for your teams and everyone in your organization to also practice.  I would dare to make you a money back guarantee that your culture will change from the inside out, your effectiveness in fulfilling your mission will expand and even your bottom line will benefit.

A private retreat (virtual or in person) for you and also your leadership team can make an extraordinary difference in your well being at work AND your bottom line.

Private Coaching and Custom Designed Individual and Team Retreats to support you in your call to leadership are available by phone, video conferencing and in person on Bainbridge Island, Washington and in your area.

Please see my blog post from March 1 2017  Leaders, What To Do When Life Decides To Give You A Wake Up Call.



There is no better way to support a company’s success and employee fulfillment than caring for the well being of each and every member of the organization.   The Four Circles of Workplace Wellness is a model that can be integrated into all organizational cultures.  The benefits of cultivating a workforce that is centered, balanced, focused, healthy in both body and mind are innumerable.  One research project done in corporations in Canada reported that for every dollar spent on programs supporting workplace wellness, four dollars was saved in company health care, accident and sick day expenses.

click on the link below to see  the model of body mind wellness and leadership development I offer to organizations of all sizes and in all locations.



J. Oliphant, Board President, Unity of North Kitsap County, Washington.

I met Grace MacLeod twenty years ago when I was Director of Organization Effectiveness for GTE (now Verizon).  A part of my job responsibility was Leadership Development for our top executives –finding the best external courses for them to attend to enhance their leadership capacity.  The Executive Development Intensive was such a program and Grace was one of the presenters and individual facilitators.  I personally attended the week long program before recommending it to the executives to ensure it delivered as promised.  It did!  The overall theme was “leading from the inside out”.  As a leader, in my own right, I discovered some “core beliefs” that were hindering my own effectiveness.    Subsequently, we offered the course to over 30 key leaders.  Their professional lives were changed as they found the connection between inner self knowledge and leadership.   They returned from the program with renewed self -confidence along with concepts and skills they were able to put into effect with each other and with their direct reports.  They found themselves to be more focused and attentive to all aspects of an issue, relying on an intuitive sense that had been fostered.  They felt more resilient and able to handle “surprises”.  Many of them reported that their personal lives had been enhanced as well, especially in relationship to their spouses and children.

Grace’s and my professional relationship then turned into a friendship which I treasure to this day.  Over the years (from time to time) I have contracted with her to be my personal coach, helping me get in touch with an inner aspect of myself which seemed to be eluding me.    I am in that inquiry with Grace now.  I accepted the presidency of a volunteer organization earlier this year and am finding the stress to be more than I had anticipated.  She is helping me work from “the inside out” to uncover the source of my stress and relax into this new and different kind of leadership position.  With her skillful and quiet facilitation I am able to use both my head and heart as I am becoming the leader I am capable of being.

Grace is an excellent teacher, facilitator, and most of all a personal coach skilled in helping un-cover hidden assumptions and core beliefs.  She helps you find your own inner wisdom and heart space, while providing conceptual frameworks and skills – thus making positive change possible.

Jim Chilton

Founder, CEO & Speaker of SOFA, Society for Financial Awareness, A Non Profit Educational Speaker’s Bureau

“I have worked with Grace MacLeod over a year, both as a couple with my wife, and solo.

For anyone needing coaching, counseling, an “outside perspective” on doing life in a business or personal relationship, I highly recommend Grace to that seeker.

Grace is highly knowledgeable, competent, empathetic, caring, yet a professional who is highly trained and competent in getting the best out of you.

As an “alpha” male, I cannot thank Grace enough for opening me up to become a better husband, business leader, and Christian man.  I am most certain to say, for anyone who has the chance to meet and be with Grace in her teachings, a profound, positive impact will take place upon their soul.”

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