Eagle Feathers and Hand Fasting

The Pacific Northwest and Northern Ireland Get Married What an honor and delight to help Conor and Stacy get married! A truly international couple bringing together the traditions of the Northwest and Northern Ireland. While we were only a tiny gathering of their loved ones, the day was planned especially to be able to includeContinue reading “Eagle Feathers and Hand Fasting”


To All the Brides and Grooms On Hold!!! If you are ready to say “I DO” Let’s DO IT!!!! Call me and let’s create a beautiful, small and simply sensational ceremony and keep your love shining in the time of Covid19. ( see below for information about how to honor the current stay at homeContinue reading “HEY LOVE BUGS! LET’S GET MARRIED!!!!”

Where The Rubber Meets The Road. Will We REALLY transform our economy going forward? I am certain we will!! Take a Listen!

As both a spiritual counselor and a leadership coach, I have long recognized that in order to change our outer world we must awaken in our inner world.  However that is only step one.   We absolutely must take our increased awareness, kindness, compassion and global community calling and bring it forth into the infrastructures ofContinue reading “Where The Rubber Meets The Road. Will We REALLY transform our economy going forward? I am certain we will!! Take a Listen!”

How Do You Get An Entire World To Stop

For a very long long time, so many of us have been attempting to change our world… We know that things are so beyond out of balance that we have taken to the streets and begged our powerful institutions to pay attention… Not much response!! UNTIL a tiny bug, a virus, shows up and spreadsContinue reading “How Do You Get An Entire World To Stop”

Valentine’s Day Vow Renewals

  What an absolute joy to officiate as eight couples renewed their wedding vows on Valentine’s Day on our local ferry.   I love celebrating love and give thanks to all the couples who are willing to declare their commitments to each other, and even re declare their vows, to LOVE HONOR AND CHERISH each other. Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Vow Renewals”


What an amazing week of Baja Bounty. Being in such pure nature and playing with the delightful sea, sky and land creatures was enchanting.  How fun to meet people from around the world, most of them seasoned adventure travelers… so laid back and eager for each and every expotition. 🙂 The cruise was excellent andContinue reading “OOOZING WITH UNCRUISE JOY”