Month: January 2022


    In my humble opinion, Dr. Zach Bush is one of the most important voices in our world right now. In this ( long ) and powerful interview he offers a grand scale perspective on what is happening on our planet and with humanity. It is beautiful, hopeful, inspiring and an incredible invitation to shift from […]

  • WISDOM WEAVERS OF THE WORLD I so deeply resonate with the story behind this beautiful film and gathering of Wisdom Keepers that came together a few years ago on the island of Kauai. The story is that long ago when the world was going out of balance the ancient wisdom keepers of each culture agreed to forget one piece […]

  • Quantum Alignment Sessions

    This goes out to my fellow Light Workers, Healers, Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Followers of Purpose and Passion for Serving the Upliftment of Humanity and the World. (And, just in case you don’t recognize yourself in this list, EVERYONE!!!!) Quantum Alignment Sessions are available to help you dissolve your old blueprint, operating system, hidden unconscious patterning, contracts […]