Month: October 2021

  • Love Your Mother

    A simple practice that you can do to Love Your Mother! Our Mother Earth is calling all of us. She has given all her treasures to her children and grandchildren throughout time, generously, freely, abundantly. And for eons of time our human ancestors knew only their connection to their Mother. There was no lack, no […]

  • Feeling So Very Welcomed!

    As you could discern from my last post, getting ready to move is a BIG DEAL in my world and my psyche. And then there is the move itself and the welcoming into a new world. Sometimes it is challenging beyond belief and sometimes it is sublime. I arrived at my new home a week […]

  • Moving Day! The Grace That Guides My Way!

    I have once again just added up all the homes I have lived in during my life. I am up to fifty one and as moving day approaches, about to claim fifty two. That is approximately 1.3 homes per year of life. My home is a cacophony of boxes and precious treasures (aka My Star […]

  • Soon Bells Will Be Ringing!

    What an utter delight and surprise to receive a last minute request to officiate a wedding right here in my own community. The very first blessing ceremony I did here on Bainbridge Island was for a team of women who were sailing in the Race To Alaska. One of our wonderful local shop owners was […]


    To each and every one of us….a message of hope and an invitation to contribute to the well being of our Mother Earth. Will you join me in doing ceremony for our planet? Invitations to join virtually and in person coming soon. Please check out the beautiful video at the end of this message. It […]


    When the wedding you have been looking forward to for months finally happens and it is even more spectacular than you imagined it would be, there is an experience of creative joy and fulfillment that is off the charts. Right from the start it was love at first zoom for Kyler and Aaron and me. […]