Month: May 2021

  • Sharing My Legacy Work With The World

    WOO HOO!!! Manifesting Intentions Likety-Split!!! I have had an intention to share my Legacy Work and Story with the world for the past few years. I have toyed with the ideas of writing a memoir, a book, creating a podcast and also have been looking for opportunities to share through media outlets. I was kind […]


    As a life long nomad, I have moved more than almost anyone I know. Early on in my pilgrimage around the planet, I learned to create an alter in my new space, even before unpacking boxes. I even do this when I am traveling and staying in hotels or visiting friends. The gesture of created […]


    This one is especially for couples!!! ( parents might want to listen too) In my humble opinion, there is no more important teaching about how to be happy in your relationship. I have dedicated my life and my life’s work to spreading this message as far and wide as I possibly can. In a nutshell, […]


    There was a quiet glow on the beach that day even with clouds building and wind whipping up the waves. Joe and Kristi were getting married and the happiness in the small family gathering was palpable as I arrived to officiate their wedding ceremony. You know you are doing your dream job when you walk […]