Month: April 2021

  • Allowing The Universe to Bring You Your Heart’s Desire

    This is one of the most delightful and charming messages from the very well known and beloved Ester Hicks aka Abraham. Have a listen and hear how an impulse to move furniture and organize a music system created a date with destiny. And make sure you stay till the end. A Fairytale Wedding Dream Come […]

  • Manifesting From the Inside Out

    THE ART OF CONSCIOUS CO CREATION First and foremost, a reminder!!! We were born this way, we truly are Creator Gods and it is what we know how to do! So…..just in case the memories are a little fuzzy, What REALLY makes things happen?   Usually the answer is a combination of deep inner EXPERIENTIAL […]


    A man and woman walked into an Irish bar as strangers. They walked out smitten by love. As the saying goes, “the stars aligned” and in spite of throngs of inebriated, raucous, Italian rugby players celebrating their recent championship win, he noticed her across the room. Her red dress and delightful Irish smile caught his […]