New Moon, Solar Eclipse Blessings to YOU December 14, 2020

Today the Sun and the Moon embrace each other in complete union. What a bliss this creates in consciousness. The masculine, fiery Sun embracing his beloved feminine, watery Moon. And while they enjoy their moment of reunion, we get to plant New Moon seeds of intention that are super charged by this alignment of love.

Here is a little inspiration from Abraham Hicks. Such simple wonderful steps to make magic happen in our lives. Today is a supreme day for just those magic seeds to be planted.

1. Remember who you really are and how sweet and lovely it is to focus on your heart’s desires.

2. plant those as FEELINGS!!! – what does it feel like when those desires are fulfilled? -what does it feel like when we remember our infinite power and peace?

3. Relax into the river of blessings that are just waiting to arrive in your life as the reflection of your magnificent SELF.

May your day be blessed by Grace.


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